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The Fastest, Easiest Way to Publish a Bestselling Book and Attract High-Quality Clients Even If You’re Not a Writer!


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  • Rapid writing home study system
  • Bestselling “fill-in-the-blanks” book template
  • Bestseller 45-day cheat sheet
  • Bonus #1: targeted reviewers for your book
  • Bonus #2: tickets to “six-figure author seminar”
  • Super bonus: six-figure sales funnel road map
  • Mega bonus: publishing contract – priceless


Travis Cody - Six-Figure Author System



Secret #1

The proven method for writing a bestselling book fast… Even if you suck at writing.


Secret #2

How to market your book onto the bestseller list without spending a dime on advertising


Secret #3

The hidden 6-figure business model behind all bestselling books…



Six-Figure Author System Free

Course publish year: 2018

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