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Finally Revealed: The Complete System for Building a Highly Profitable Online Course Business

What if you could turn your knowledge into high-value online courses & tap into a rapidly growing market?

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With Course Craft the Winning Formula is Finally Revealed


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With Course Craft, I’m teaching my entire system for creating and marketing online courses successfully.

That means we cover everything you need to get it right and avoid all of the pitfalls listed above.

We cover all 3 pillars:


1. The Complete Tech Stack

Everything you need to create, deliver, sell and protect your online course, on your own platform that you control, without needing to hire any developers.


2. The Magnetic Course Creation Plan

Everything you need to find and validate the perfect product idea and how to turn your knowledge into a practical, highly valuable online course.


3. The Magnetic Marketing Funnel

Everything you need to pre-launch your product, create a successful product launch, create upsells and other revenue engines, recruit affiliates to promote your product for you and set up the system you need to sell 1 copy per day of your $200 course.

This is not a half baked course. We don’t explain how to create a course and then leave you high-and-dry when it comes to delivering or marketing that course. This is the entire, workable system that I have used over and over again, to sell online courses successfully.

I’ll tell you more about exactly what you’ll get, but first let me be clear about some things…



What You’ll Discover in the Course Craft Course Modules


1. Get Paid, Give Access

The simplest way to set up a system that gets you paid and gives your customers access to your course, automatically.


2. Pirates Begone

How to make sure only paying customers can access your content & how to protect your content from being illegally downloaded and shared.


3. The Video Lesson Formula

How you can create well produced, professional looking, highly informative video lessons and publish them in your course – without needing expensive software or hardware!


4. Build Your Customer List

Every step to set up your email marketing system and make sure new customers are added to your mailing list, automatically.


5. The Product Idea Filter

Use our system to find a true winner of a product idea – or to refine and improve your own idea for a course, if you already have one.


6. Competition Judo

Learn why it’s actually great to have loads of competition and our Judo system for using all the hard work your competitors have done, to your advantage.


7. The Marketing “Cheat Code”

This method makes finding the perfect idea, getting customers and creating highly persuasive sales copy for your product so easy, it almost feels like cheating.


8. The “Sales Page First” Approach

In Course Craft, we use a system that starts with your sales message. As soon as you put our system into place, you’ll realize how starting with product creation is a recipe for pain, frustration and failure and you’ll wonder why you ever did it otherwise.


9. The EPOC Method for Creating Unique Products

How can you make a product that truly differentiates itself from your competition? How can you stand out from the crowd? How can you create a product that will make your customers love you and ask for more? The EPOC method, that’s how.


10. The 5 Components of High Value Courses

We’ll deconstruct exactly what makes the difference between a $5 course that still feels like a waste of money and a $200 course that feels like a steal. Creating highly valuable, well-presented and truly useful online courses is a matter of using the right system.


11. The Visual Design Shortcut

Typical entrepreneur newbie mistake: worrying about brand design, visuals, logo etc. and wasting endless time and money on it. Using the Visual Design Shortcut in Course Craft, we cut this entire process down to 10 minutes, max.


12. The Online Course Pre-Launch Method

Learn how you can get paid to create your online course first and then start working on the content. This approach will even help you create a better product, than if you create first and sell second.


13. The Stealth/Bootstrap Launch Sequence

Discover the simple way to create a fully fledged, sales-generating product launch sequence – all without needing any special tools and without coming across as salesy or pushy.


14. The Revenue Machine

Discover the 5 components you can add to your online course, to turn it from a lukewarm seller into a reliable, long-term revenue machine.



Finally End Your Traffic Troubles


Visionary Kevin Kelly was right: the business model for creatives and solopreneurs revolves around 1,000 true fans.

Forget trying to build a following of hundreds of thousands or millions on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter,…

Forget the endless struggle of trying to get more traffic to your website, only to find that A) it’s super hard to get traffic and B) when you get it, you’re still not making much money.

Instead of chasing these empty numbers, focus on building a small tribe of true fans. Stop thinking about anonymous “visitors”. Think about people. Customers. Your tribe.

If you can build up a tribe of 1,000 true fans, you’re set. 1,000 true fans means a highly profitable business. A business in which you do the fulfilling work of creating something valuable for your tribe. And you spend time interacting with your fans, who you care about and who care about you, not mass-messaging the blank-faced crowds on some social platform.

Kevin Kelly was right all those years ago and most of us still aren’t paying attention.

And here’s where it gets even better: 1,000 true fans is based on the idea of making a living as an artist. Selling paintings or musical albums. And that may have gotten a bit more difficult in past years. But the online course business is the opposite of that.

If 1,000 true fans is a shortcut to success as a creative, online courses are a shortcut to that shortcut. Selling $200 online courses, you can make a good living long before you’ve reached your 1,000th fan.

And about the difficulties of getting traffic, check out what happened to my blog the first time I launched a course:



Shane Melaugh - Course Craft Free Download


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