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Finally… A Proven And Legitimate System To Help Authors Sell More Books, Reach More Readers, And Explode Their Author Platform


For the first time ever, I’ll be revealing how I built a successful writing and publishing business from scratch to 6 figures a year.

The best part? You can forget about those “scammy” or “sleazy” author marketing tactics that make readers run for the hills and learn the 3-step author marketing system that:

  • Shows you how to attract more readers and sell more books
  • Gives you the exact system to turn those readers into fans and subscribers – how to build your author platform
  • And most importantly, provides you with a strategy to build trust and connections with your fans, so you can sell more books without being “salesy”

If you’re an author, fiction or non-fiction and writing in any genre, you’ll see how simple it is to learn these systems, even if you’re a confirmed techno-phobe and introvert who hates selling.

I’ll show you how to put your entire marketing system on autopilot – so you can focus on what’s important to you (writing more books, spending time with your loved ones, sky-diving…). But don’t just take my word for it…


Nick Stephenson - Your First 10.000 Readers



Once I learned to focus on the right things (and ignore everthing else) my entire life changed. You can see just how this approach affected my results in the graph above.

I remember one very cold morning in February, I checked my sales reports before heading off to work.

I’d made more money while I was asleep than I was going to make all day shackled to a desk.

A few short months later, I quit to write full time. Now, I get to spend all day doing what I love, with the people I love. Thanks to this hard work, I was finally able to quit my day job and move my family out of our cramped apartment. Now, I get to spend all day with the people I care about, and I can write when it suits me.

If you could do the same, what would that mean for you?

Never worrying about getting reviews, or securing advertising, or making sales. Being in complete control of your career and never having to rely on anyone else. Because for me, it means more than I can ever put down in words. And, as a writer, that’s a pretty big deal.



Introducing “Your First 10.000 Readers”


Your First 10.000 Readers Download


“Your First 10.000 Readers” is a unique online training course which will take you by the hand and show you how to implement a comprehensive author marketing system – designed to get you selling more books, attracting more readers, and exploding your author platform.

In the free videos I’ve already shared with you, I’ve shown you how the online retailers really work – and how you can take advantage. I’ve given you a process to optimize your books to show up in the right place at the right time and I’ve shown you one method to convert casual readers into committed fans. I’ve also shown you the power of building your platform in video #4 – where I let you look over my shoulder as I sent an email out to my fans (and you got to see the results).

That’s 4 detailed videos, showing you just what you can achieve with the right approach. And I’ve got more than twenty additional sessions to share with you inside the full training course. And now you’ve got three options:

Option #1 – do nothing. Obviously, this isn’t going to get you results.

Option #2 – trial and error. Sure, you can take the concepts I’ve shown you already and take the DIY route. I’m 100% sure that if you spend 40 hours per week and several thousand dollars figuring out what works (like I did once I figured this out), you’ll get some results. But there is a quicker and easier way.

Option #3 – my favorite option: use the 10k Readers System to boost your visibility instantly and start growing your author platform right now. Forget about wasting time and money on tactics and strategies that don’t work – I’ve already done all the hard work figuring this out for you.



What Do You Get Inside Your First 10.000 Readers


Module #1: Foundation

Cracking the code at the online retailers, how they SELL, and how you can become an unstoppable force

  • how to use proven principles to boost your efforts on all the ebook platforms
  • the secret to merchandising deals and promotion on iTunes, Nook, and Kobo
  • key rookie mistakes to avoid
  • and more…


Module #2: Drive endless Traffic to your Books

Skyrocket your sales rankings, profits, and readership with this four-step process

  • the exact step-by-step system to find profitable categories, niches, and keywords – without having to rely on trial and error
  • how to promote like a superstar, and which advertisers are worthwhile
  • a simple strategy to double, triple, or quadruple your visibility – without spending a penny
  • and more…


Module #3: Build your Platform

Step-by-step, how I grew my platform to over 15,000 readers in less than six months. And how you can do it even faster

  • the proven system to get readers OFF Amazon and the other sites and ONTO your website and your mailing list and facebook page
  • how I found 8,000+ new readers without using free promotions or permafree
  • the step-by-step process to turn your author website into a money-making machine 24/7
  • and more…


Module #4: Hook, line, and sinker

How to SELL without being “salesy”, and generate an income for life (on autopilot)

  • why building trust is more important (and more profitable) than making a quick sale
  • how to get readers clamoring for your books, without resorting to scammy tactics or spending all day writing emails
  • the 4 reasons readers don’t buy your books, and how to overcome them
  • the exact process I use to get 100+ five-star reviews from just one email
  • and more…


Module #5: Reach for the stratosphere

The exact blueprint I use to launch any new release to the top of the charts – without advertising.

  • the exact system I use to launch my new books and promotions into the top #250 paid rankings on Amazon and the top #15 on Nook, Kobo, and iTunes
  • how to build your own Launch Team / Street Team of superfans to boost your new releases and promotions to the top of the charts
  • need I say more…?



You’ll Also Get Access To These Extra Trainings


Session #1

How Simon Whistler, author and founder of the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast built up a podcast and youtube following of over 1 million visits per month – and how selling ebooks is no different


Session #2

Advanced strategy session with New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Joanna Penn: how to turn your author website into an evergreen money machine, boost your signups, and increase your revenue 50%+


Session #3

How bestselling KDP Select All Star author Mark Dawson scored merchandising with amazon, got a publishing deal, sold audio & foreign rights, and boosted his platform using Facebook ads… all while working a full-time job


Session #4

The art of the side-hustle: how Nick Loper, bestselling non-fiction author and the founder of SideHustleNation manages and grows multiple income streams without burning out


Session #5

Launch strategies with bestselling authors R.S. Guthrie and Micheal Maxwell: putting theory into action! How to double your launch-day sales without using advertising and how to build a connection with your audience


Session #6

How bestselling author Bryan Cohen used Facebook events to help sell 6,000+ books in half a day (and how you can too) + other out-of-the-box strategies you can use to get results


And plus, you are getting


Your First 10.000 Readers Bonuses

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