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The Untethered Soul in Action with Michael A. Singer


Includes more than nine hours of immersive video sessions, self-reflection and journaling practices, and two supplementary bonus offerings.

“In case you haven’t noticed, you have a mental dialogue going on inside your head that never stops.”

This is the opening sentence of my book, The Untethered Soul. Since its publication in 2007, I’ve been inundated with questions about why that inner voice is always talking, why so much of what it says is negative and stressful, and most importantly, how you free yourself from it. In this course, we will put to rest any questions you have about that inner dialogue. Not just about quieting it down, but about how to steadily remove the root cause of its existence.


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One of the greatest lessons you will learn here is that trying to achieve happiness by “getting what you want” is actually limiting your happiness. You end up struggling with life instead of experiencing it. True happiness comes only when your inner energy is free to flow. That unhampered flow is, indeed, the goal of this course. We will see that the most effective personal growth technique is to use life to remove your inner blockages, not compensate for them.

In this course, you’ll learn about your true relationship to the world unfolding around you and to the thoughts and emotions arising within you. But most importantly, you will come into touch with the real “you”—the indwelling consciousness that is witnessing it all. The intention of this course is to change your entire perspective of life. Every session will challenge you to go beyond yourself.



The Living from a Place of Surrender Curriculum


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Step inside the Temple of the Universe, Michael A. Singer’s secluded yoga and meditation center where he has met with students from all walks of life for the past 40 years. In his first online course, Michael brings you eight inspirational, engaging video sessions filled with practical teachings on living life from a place of deep surrender. Your course curriculum includes:


Session One: Who Am I?

You can’t surrender if you don’t know who you are. So if you are going to learn how to surrender, you first need to understand who you are. Our first session will illuminate the deeper “you” who is in there experiencing what you’re experiencing.

We’ll explore:

  • Discovering your “seat of awareness” and the consciousness behind your experience
  • The essential question: Are you willing to let go of who you thought you were?
  • The three arenas of conscious experience
  • Living life from the depths of your being


Session Two: The Outside World

Session Two looks at the outside world and waking up to both the reality and miracle of the moment unfolding in front of you (one that has taken 13.8 billion years to arrive!). We will inquire into the impersonal nature of the present moment and explore how engaging with the moment allows you to step into the flow of the universe.

Session Two explores:

  • Surrender as letting go of falsehood to reveal truth
  • The holiness of each and every moment
  • The yoga of wisdom and the transcendence of the personal


Session Three investigates the “alternate universe” we create inside the mind, built out of stored impressions from past experiences. This alternate reality obstructs your experience of reality itself, and ultimately causes suffering throughout your life.

Session Three explores:

  • The functioning of the mind—for better or worse
  • Human will and the blocking of the energy flow within
  • Letting moments pass through you
  • When every experience feeds you and helps you grow


Session Four: The Mind, Part 2

In Session Four we revisit the voice inside your head, exploring the source of this voice and how it leads to suffering. We will look at surrender in the context of working with the mind, and ways we can focus on the unfolding moment in order to lean out of “personal mind” and back into reality.

Session highlights include:

  • “Getting rid of your stuff” as the secret to good relationships
  • The shift from dissatisfaction and negativity to appreciation and awe
  • The wonderful gifts of body, mind, and heart
  • Reclaiming the full power of our minds


Session Five: The Heart

Session Five brings you into the domain of the beautiful and sensitive human heart. Here, we will learn to handle our feelings in whatever shape or size they appear, and explore how to release stuck emotional energy patterns that block the flow of energy through our hearts.

Session Five highlights include:

  • Overcoming our egocentric perspective
  • The relationship between our thoughts and our emotions
  • Clinging, resistance, and the doorway to the heart
  • Returning the heart to its natural state


Session Six: Your Predicament and the Spiritual Path

Why is this human incarnation sometimes so uncomfortable? In this session we explore the universal human condition, why we suffer, and the heart of the spiritual path. As Michael explains, “Your entire life changes when you decide to stop living for your personal self, and instead let go of it.” In this session, you will learn a practical path to a life of surrender accessible to anyone and everyone.

Highlights include:

  • Ending the game of self-distraction
  • The experience of “ever-new joy”
  • Liberation from the patterns that block the fullest expression of yourself
  • Acceptance as the beginning of surrender


Session Seven: Learning to Let Go

“All of spiritual growth is about letting go; it is not about getting anything,” teaches Michael A. Singer. In this session, we learn how to do just that—let go. What do we let go of? “Whatever is locking you up inside!”

Session Seven explores:

  • Spiritual practice in daily life (hint: pick the “low-hanging fruit”)
  • The deepest practice of letting go: Relax and Release
  • The merit of spiritual techniques and the power of meditation
  • Making a lifelong commitment to “just keep letting it go”


Session Eight: Living a Life of Surrender

“If you don’t want to continue struggling in life—if you don’t want to wake up every morning dreading the day—the alternative is to clean up the mess,” explains Michael A. Singer. So how do we do that? What does it mean to take responsibility for ourselves at the deepest level? In our final session, Michael discusses the dramatic reorientation of our lives as we practice the path of surrender.

Session Eight highlights include:

  • Becoming a blessing on the Earth
  • The purpose of life: letting go of your stuff
  • Finding the source of unconditional love within
  • Living in harmony with the flow of life



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