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How to Build White Hat Links at Scale Without the Hassle – A Complete Link Building System to Start and Scale Your Link Building Operation


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When Google launched and invented its pagerank algorithm in 1996 , it relied on link popularity to decide which pages should rank on top of the search results.

A quarter of a century later, after running our own internal research on 1.1 million search results and getting feedback from our peers, we all agree.

Nothing has changed.

Despite a number of complex new algorithm layers, the emergence of AI and all sorts of other innovations. Google still relies on link popularity more than any other ranking factor to know where it should rank a page on it’s search results.

In short, if you want to rank for competitive terms that bring monetizable traffic, you need links.

No matter what the latest fad or gurus tells you.


But building high quality links is f*cking tough

The problem with links is that they are not easy to build as you can also see on our community poll.

Most SEOs agree that link building is the most difficult part of the entire SEO process.

If you want your website’s ranking to improve in the long run and not get penalized by a Google algorithm update, you need to build quality links.

This process includes building complex systems, talking to people, negotiating, using critical sense to find good targets, good email delivery tech and more.

Here are some of the most common challenges you will need to overcome to be successful at link building:

  • Find & Filter HQ Prospects: Before you even get started with the link building process, you need to find websites that would consider linking to your website.
  • Reaching Their Inbox: Gmail and Hotmail spam filters are getting tougher. You need to setup your emailing operation perfectly to reach the right prospects.
  • Find Their Contact Details: Once you find these websites, you need to find the right contact details. And trust me, it’s trickier than you think.
  • Negotiate: When you manage to reach them, chances are, they will want something from you. If you can’t negotiate, you will get a bad deal.
  • Sending A Compelling Email: Have you ever tried approaching a hot girl at a bar? Quality website owners are the hot girls of the internet bar. You need a good line.
  • Rinse & Repeat: To make this process really lift your rankings, you need to repeat it over and over and your inefficiencies will cost you.


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