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Learn Blackhat GMB Verification Methods So You Can Verify Your Own GMB Properties


Over the shoulder training and private forum access.


Learn how to verify your own GMB properties – where you need them, when you need them.

Tired of paying vendors $100 or more for a verified GMB listing? Have you ever wondered how you can verify your own Google My Business properties without having a physical office?

We’re going to teach you methods for verifying GMB properties so you never have to pay a vendor again. The Blackhat GMB Verification course gives you access to over the shoulder training on the EXACT methods vendors have been using to verify GMB properties in almost any niche, all over the world.

You can read the course syllabus below to get a taste for what you’re buying. After you sign up for the course, you’ll instantly gain access to the entire course and a private forum where you can ask questions, get updates and learn the latest methods for GMB monetization.


Course Curriculum

  • Changing Major GMB Elements
  • GMB Phone Verification Volume I
  • GMB Phone Verification Volume II
  • GMB Phone Verification Volume III
  • GMB Phone Verification Volume IV
  • GMB Phone Verification Volume V
  • GMB USPS Verification
  • GMB PC Verification Method Volume I
  • GMB PC Verification Method Volume II
  • GMB Boosting Method



Jensen - Blackhat GMB Verification Course

Course publish year: 2018

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