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REVEALED: My New 6-Figure Instagram Financial Freedom Plan


I never planned on sharing this. Here’s why i’m doing it now:

My company makes over 6-figures a month on Instagram but…


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Some companies have offered me $50,000 to teach them how we do it but I would never teach a competitor these Instagram secrets.

But I know the more my Instagram account grows, the better it is for my business and my team, that’s obvious, right?

Well, I’ve recently discovered the fastest way probably ever to grow my Instagram.

The guy who showed me this method has become a close friend. And he might be the most connected guy on Instagram.



He Advises The Kardashians On Their Instagram, He Advises Dan Bilzerian On His Instagram, He Advises Gary Vee On His Instagram, He Even Advises Cardi B On Her Instagram.


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And he offered me a private deal to rapidly grow my Instagram because he said he loves my message.

I’ll walk you through this method in a bit on this page too and just know using this method… on some days…

I’ve gained as many 15,000 real targeted engaged followers on IG.

In fact, the only logical way for me to use this method more often and grow my Instagram faster is for me to personally create more IG Agents.

Please write down the statement I’m about to make because it’s only reason I’m doing this training today: The more IG Agents I have, the more my own Instagram will grow.



So I’m Here Today To Recruit More IG Agents.


And trust me, as I’ll show you here, you WANT to be an IG Agent. Bad.

I first invented the system out of pure desperation and today I make 6-figures a month on my Instagram with it.

I then taught it to a few ordinary students as a trial run and trained them to be IG Agents and today ALL of them have replaced their old income with Instagram Income.


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I’ll introduce you to several of those first-batch IG Agents here on this training too, the ones who are OK with me sharing their field reports and identity.

So just know, I need to create more IG Agents right now and that’s why I’m doing this fast-paced, action-packed, “all my cards on the table” training for you today.

At this moment in time, I am all-in on recruiting more IG Agents, here on this training and it’s very possible you will be selected. There are some requirements you must agree to. But again, TRUST ME, as you’ll see, you want to be an IG Agent…

And in case you were wondering, to be an IG Agent:

  • ​You don’t need followers or special talent
  • You don’t need a tech background.
  • You don’t need to quit your job or “start a social media agency”…
  • You don’t even need to post pictures of yourself if you don’t want to.



An Ig Agent Monetizes Their Client’s Audience Using Instagram Dm’s Which No Social Media Agency On The Planet Knows How To Do Or Even Does For Their Clients.


Instagram Agent System



Introducing Instagram Agent System


Jason Capital - Instagram Agent System



My Instagram financial freedom plan to replace rat-race income with Instagram income using only your smartphone…

This System took me 2 years to figure out….I traveled to 7 different countries and talked with over 2,000 different business owners in that time… I also personally mentored over 6,000 students experimenting with this to find the perfect “financial freedom recipe”… and now it’s finally here for you…

I’ve shared the IG Agent System with only a handful of ordinary people and the near-instant results have been staggering…

The IG Agent System gives you everything you need A-Z and I’ve designed it in a way where it’s incredibly simple to follow.

You know exactly where to start and what to do. You follow my simple instructions like Zach and Sean and Eric and Siim all did and you let the System and my Scripts do the rest of the work for you.

Are you starting to see why so many people are buzzing about becoming an IG Agent now too?

Now let me share why I’m even offering my IG Agent System to everyone here today:

As I’ve shared, my company makes over 6-figures a month using Instagram ourselves. Some companies have offered me $50,000 to teach them how we do it but I would never teach a competitor these Instagram secrets.

But the bigger my company grows on Instagram, the more revenue we make so we want more followers. And I recently met a guy from Hollywood, and this guy might be the most connected guy on Instagram. He advises the Kardashians on their Instagram, he advises Dan Bilzerian on his Instagram, he advises Gary Vee on his Instagram, he even advises Cardi B on her Instagram.



Jason Capital - Instagram Agent System Course

Course publish year: 2019

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