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YouTube Mastery is the Key to your Youtube Success.


Whether you’re just starting out or have been doing Youtube for some time, YouTube Mastery is the #1 program that will show you exactly how to grow and monetize your channel like an elite YouTuber. The fastest way to achieve something is to learn from someone whose already achieved it.


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You’ll learn the exact strategies I’ve used to:

  • ​Grow my channel from 0 to 8 million+ subscribers!
  • ​Get over 161,307,013 views on a single video!
  • ​Creating my channel, getting millions of views, and making thousands of dollars from every video!
  • ​Becoming a successful YouTuber having spent zero dollars in any sort of advertising, shoutouts, etc.


The beginning sucks

When I started Youtube, it wasn’t easy. I thought it was going to be as simple as uploading a video every other day and waiting for millions of views to ‘magically’ come in.

I was wrong. No matter what I did, I just wasn’t making any progress. My friends and family thought I was stupid to leave school for this, constantly pushing for me to get a regular job. My girlfriend left me.

Without any reliable programs, books, or classes available to help my dream come true, I made a promise to myself:

One day if I achieved success on Youtube, I would go back and create a guide.

A roadmap that new and aspiring Youtubers could use to get success without going through the mistakes, starvation, frustration and slow progress I experienced. The step-by-step blueprint to YouTube success.


But then

Nearly 2 years later, and after 150 more videos that got 200 – 300 views, I finally had my first viral video..

Fast forward to today I now have:

  • ​More than 5 million subscribers
  • ​Over 1,402,765,372 views across my channel
  • 161,307,013 views on a single video!
  • Money, fame, cars, fans. But more importantly I’m happy. I’m proud.



My Youtube Channel Consistently Gets More Views And Makes Me More Money Everyday


YouTube Mastery Course Hooman



So, What Will You Find Inside Youtube Mastery?


#1: Creating A Successful Channel

The difference between having 200 vs 8,098,516 subscribers

  • The Magic Channel Idea: Lock in on a perfect idea, lay a solid foundation, and make sure that your channel grows quickly and consistently.
  • Getting Rid of Camera Shyness: What to do if you are camera shy, and how to turn your inner world into an advantage.
  • Youtuber Mistakes: The biggest mistakes Youtubers make, how to avoid them, and how to make people love you from the very beginning.
  • “The Rule of 6” Strategy: How to structure your videos from start to finish to make the viewer’s experience fun, smooth, and make them go “WOW!”
  • Lights, Camera, Action: Everything you need to know about video, audio, lighting, and even editing… and why you don’t need a fancy camera to start!
  • Youtube Analytics: Read, understand, and leverage the data Youtube gathers from your audience to maximize your results!


#2 – Going Viral

The difference between 100 views per video vs 100,000* views per video

  • Social Mediology: Get 3x, 5x, or even 10x the normal views by understanding the science behind why people share, like, and comment.
  • 6-Point Scorecard: One of my most valuable tools. A scoreboard with 6 important aspects a video needs to have to go viral.
  • The Science of SEO: Learn how to get your videos ranked higher in the search engine on Youtube so you can get more views & subscribers.
  • Viral Series Strategy: How I made 1 video that got 2,000,000 views then made 9 more of the same video to get 150,000,000 views!
  • The Triangle of Virality: I will teach you my secret formula containing 3 important things your video needs to have in order to go viral.
  • Viral Collaborations: Learn exactly how to find the right channels to collaborate with and negotiating the best deals with them so you both win-win.


#3 – Youtube Monetization

The difference between making $100/month vs $10,000*/month.

  • Youtube Ads: How to earn as much money as possible from YouTube Ads on your videos and maximize your ROI
  • Affiliate Marketing: How to find the right affiliate programs, and how to negotiate the best commission for each sale made by you.
  • Events and Appearances: Finding businesses, events that will pay you money to appear in their business as a special guest.
  • Digital Products: How to take something you love, and turn it into a digital product that you can monetize by providing your audience value.
  • Donations: Setting up and online tip jar for your die-hard fans to donate money to you using sites like Patreon.
  • Sponsorships: How to find sponsors that’ll pay you money to promote their products in your videos / negotiating best price



Hooman Nouri - YouTube Mastery

Course publish year: 2019

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