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Your Step by Step Guide to Making Your First $1000 Online With Kindle Publishing


My self-publishing blueprint is fully updated for self publishing on Amazon in 2020!

This is the exact course I wish I had when i first started. I show you everything i did to make my first $1000 a month with Kindle publishing



Inside Self Publishing Blueprint You Will Learn Exactly


How To Pick Niches

How to pick the correct unsaturated niches that will help your books succeed long term. Inside you will learn exactly which niches to go into and which ones to stay away from!


How To Pick Profitable Keywords

Take the guess work out of the most important part of publishing and learn how to find multiple profitable keywords.


How To Create Quality Books That Get 5 Star Reviews

Create books that stand out from your competitors and want to make customers BUY your books first!


Access To The Best Writers In The Industry

Get your book written by top notch English writers and avoid the headache of non native english writing companies.


Pricing Strategy

Price your book at the right price to maximize royalties in the US, Canada, UK and European markets.


How To Get Organic Reviews

I break it down and show you step by step how to get organic reviews for your book the right way!


$1000 and Beyond

How to build your business up the right way and ensure that you are profitable long term. $1000 is just the start, the principles you learn inside this course apply to any level of income you wish to achieve.


Become a Business Owner

Learn how to free your time by outsourcing tasks and giving your time to focus on the highest producing ones.




Here Is What The Blueprint Will Give You; Everything You Need To Know!


  • Lesson 1: Coming Up With Ideas For Niches
  • Lesson 2: Developing Keywords For Your Niche
  • Lesson 3: Determining Which Keywords are The Most Profitable
  • Lesson 4: How To Speed Up Keyword Research
  • Lesson 5: The #1 Reason Most Publishers Books Fail!
  • Lesson 6: Determining The Best Length and Cost For Your Book
  • Lesson 7: Creating Your Title And Subtitle
  • Lesson 8: How To Get Your Book Written By Native English Writers
  • Lesson 9: How To Find The Best Graphic Designers For Your Covers
  • Lesson 10: Setting Up Your KDP Account The Proper Way
  • Lesson 11: Publishing Your Book on KDP And Writing Descriptions That Sell
  • Lesson 12: Formatting Your Book For Createspace
  • Lesson 13: Getting Your Paperback Cover Made
  • Lesson 14: Setting Up Your KDP Print Paperback Book The Proper Way
  • Lesson 15: Maximizing Your Profits On Paperbacks
  • Lesson 16: The Secret To Finding The BEST Virtual Assistants
  • Lesson 17: How To Get The BEST Virtual Assistants To Work For You
  • Lesson 18: How To Keep High-Quality VA’s long-term and loyal
  • Lesson 19: Increasing Your Books Profits Long Term
  • Lesson 20 and Up: Exclusively For Members ONLY!


In Depth Video Lessons

My self publishing blueprint is jam packed with over “60+ in depth” video lessons that guide you step-by-step all the way to your first $1000


Downloadable Best Practices PDF’s

You get my self publishing blueprints best practices downloadable PDF’s. To help guide you along the way


To Recap, Here Is What You Are Getting

  • How to find niches that are not saturated
  • How to pick keywords that are proven to be profitable and sell well
  • Laser focus on making your first $1000 faster than any other course. Period!
  • ​Get access to exclusive writing companies, with the highest quality writers
  • ​How to choose the correct title and subtitle for your book that sells!
  • ​How to launch your book with reviews right away
  • How to build an email list from your books
  • ​Set yourself up to make $1000 per month and beyond
  • ​24/7 top notch customer support team to answer any questions you have along the way


Emeka Ossai - Self Publishing Blueprint

Course publish year: 2018

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Emeka Ossai – Self Publishing Blueprint: Videos, PDF’s

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