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The World’s First Online Accountability Course. For Launching A Successful Business From Scratch.


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The first ever online accountability course for turning your passion into a profitable business.

I won’t just show you the path, I’ll go down it with you.

My team and I will work with you closely. You’ll get direct support, guidance, and accountability every step of the way. Our job is to make sure you succeed no matter what.

More on that in a moment (details are under the REAL Accountability section.)

For now, let’s look at the material we’ll cover in the course.

You’ll discover the techniques, insights and strategies I used to grew London Real from a small passion project to a 7-figure media company.



Here’s A Peek At What You’ll Learn Inside



  • The 3 Stages to finding the Right Idea
  • Your 1 Minute Pitch Mastery
  • The 3 Entrepreneur Mindsets

To kick things off, we start with your business idea. If you don’t have an idea, you will find one here. If you already have an idea, you will make sure you have the right one. Then, I will show you how to make a compelling 1 minute pitch. Lastly, I’m introducing 3 psychological mindsets that will help you thrive during this course.



  • Position yourself to win in high-potential market niches
  • Learn how to outsmart your competition
  • Understand the psychology of your customer

In this module you are going to identify and own your micro-niche. You will find out your competitors’ strategies, strengths and weaknesses. Then, I am going to show you how to know exactly what your customer wants. You will use these insights to be not just better, but different than your market competitors.



  • Create a stunning website the easy way
  • Learn how to craft compelling site copy
  • The 3 Entrepreneur Mindsets

Here you will create your website in less than a week. That’s right, in less than 7 days! Then I will show you how to attract and capture potential customers. Once you get them in, you will have lifetime access to market to that person. Even better, I’m going to show you how to do it in a way that people want to hear from you.\



  • Produce a 3-part video series using London Real film techniques
  • Install your automated sales machine system
  • Learn how to craft blogs like a best-selling author

In this module you will learn how to make video the London Real way. You will produce a 3-part series as a free product to hook your new customers. Then, you will warm them up for your business (without selling them) by giving them great content. By the way, all automated.



  • The art of social media: a results-driven approach for your channels
  • How to become an online authority in your market
  • London Real-tested strategies for automating your social media

Nowadays there’s a social media expert on every corner. But how many can show you proven results? Who do you know went from 1 Twitter follower to building 100,000+ followers? And not in a spammy blast-every-2-hours-with-no-message kind of way, but in a deliberate fashion that builds authority in your market.

In this module I’m revealing all my strategies. I will break down all the big social media channels, how to use them and which ones you should focus on depending on your business model.



  • The product success path: define your customer’s desired reality
  • Step-by-step guidelines on how to productise your knowledge
  • Design your minimum viable product

In module 6 I will guide you down the product success path. First, We will find out what you are good at. Then, I will show you how to package it. Lastly you are going to create your minimum viable product, which is a fancy name for “how can I create the best kind of product with the least amount of effort that people genuinely want to pay for.



  • How to sell without being “salesy”
  • Present your first online webinar
  • Master the secrets to closing the sale

This is where the rubber hits the road. You will present your product through an online webinar. I am going to show you the exact triggers that we have used to close hundreds of customers on our webinars. Here’s the best part: if you did all the work in the previous modules your prospects already want to buy from you before you even start the sales conversation. No need for “Boiler Room” sales tactics from back in my banking days.



  • Fit all the pieces into one powerful revenue-generating machine
  • Identify and track the key metrics for scaling your business
  • Create a fail-proof blueprint for your next 12 months

This is it! Everything has been put in place for you to succeed. In this module, you will see how everything fits together. You are not a beginner anymore, but an insider. I will show you the key metrics to keep an eye on along the way. And to wrap it up, you will make a roadmap for your next 12 months. Congratulations, you have successfully launched your business.


Brian Rose - London Real Business Accelerator




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