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Discover the 13 Recruiting Secrets Brian Carruthers Has Developed to Personally Recruit More Than 1,450 into His Network Marketing Business


Dear Network Marketing Friend,

If you’ve been struggling to recruit people into your network marketing business and it seems like the phone weighs 300 pounds, then the BRAND NEW training I’m about to share with you will quickly speed up your recruiting efforts, while at the same time have you feeling absolutely excited about your network marketing business.

I’ve personally used what I’m about to share with you to recruit more than 1,450 people into my network marketing business over the last decade and provide the lifestyle for my family that once was just a dream!

Unlike most gurus nowadays who are teaching network marketing training, I’m still in the trenches building my business and recruiting new people, consistently. Because I’m active in my business, that allows me to be on the cutting edge of what’s working and what’s not working.

What I did over a decade ago is not exactly the same thing I do today to recruit people. The world has changed and it keeps on changing. This is one of the reasons I’m so excited to share this new training with you!

Before we go into the details of my training and how you’re going to be able to start recruiting more quality people into your network marketing business, I want to quickly share with you what I believe to be…



The #1 Reason People Fail in Their Network Marketing Business and How YOU Can Avoid It!


I’ve worked with thousands of people throughout my network marketing career. One of the biggest killers and what causes people to fail in their business is the lack of recruiting fresh new prospects into their business on a consistent basis.

If you’re not talking to people and moving them to a call-to-action and exposing your network marketing business, you’ll soon find yourself stressed out, frustrated, and wondering how you’re going to pay the bills.

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to have to figure out this “recruiting thing” or there’s no check coming in this month. At this point, people do one of two things:

1) They just give up and quit their network marketing business.

OR …

2) They seek out leaders in the network marketing industry who are MASTERS at RECRUITING! They say that 10,000 hours at a specific craft is mastery. I’ve invested more than 30,000 hours in network marketing and have generated well over eight-figures in income.

I can help you hit your goals and have the lifestyle you’ve been looking for … but it’s going to take work on your part. There are NO SHORTCUTS!

If you’re ready to rock-n-roll and kick your network marketing business into overdrive … If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, then I’ll teach you my …



Step-By-Step Blueprint for Strategically Recruiting More People in a Week Than the Average Network Marketer Recruits All Year!


Brian Carruthers - Top Recruiter Secrets



Top Recruiter Secrets


These 13 Secrets you’ll be getting access to will completely transform the way you recruit people into your network marketing business.


SECRET #1: What are You Recruiting People Into?

In this module you’ll discover what you’re “REALLY” recruiting people into (and it’s not what you might be thinking). This has nothing to do with your opportunity or products.  Knowing this is the KEY to easily recruiting fresh new prospects into your business on a consistent basis.  Imagine how it’s going to feel when people are reaching out to you looking to get started right away!


SECRET #2: Sorting vs. Convincing

Knowing the difference is critical to you recruiting high quality people into your network marketing business. You’ll discover my exact method for how I do this so you can also start using this to drive up your checks.


SECRET #3: The Right Words

I’ll reveal to you the “interest-peaking language” that I use to instantly get the prospect engaged in the conversation. Once you start using “the right words” when talking with your prospects, recruiting because SO MUCH FUN!


SECRET #4: What To Do When They Say No

This is where 95% of network marketers stop and one of the reasons they have no success. I’ll show you how to turn this into a WIN for you and recruit through this person. Just using this method alone will accelerate your recruiting efforts.


SECRET #5: Maintaining An Attractive Attitude

Attitude is everything when growing your network marketing business. I’ll share with you how to have the millionaire mindset regardless of how many NO’s you get when contacting your prospects. Using this method turns those NO’s into CASH in your pocket — you’re going to love this!


SECRET #6: The GAP Method

One of the reasons I’m able to recruit so many people is because I’ve developed this method. Using this saves me a tremendous amount of time when recruiting people. Once you see how simple this is to use and how easy it is to put people in front of your presentations, you’re going to be smiling every time you pick up the phone. Recruiting has never been easier!


SECRET #7: The Rapport Method

You’ll be able to instantly connect with your new prospect so you’ll know if there’s a match between you. This is critical for not wasting your time and making sure you’re always putting high quality people in front of your network marketing presentations. One you master this, you’ll start to see a higher closing rate of fresh new recruits joining your team.


SECRET #8: The Storyteller

Here you’ll discover how to craft stories (that are true) so you can use these to excite and motivate your new prospect to join your team. Becoming a storyteller is very important for the overall growth of your network marketing business and I’ll share with you exactly how to do this — it’s going to be exciting!


SECRET #9: The 3 F’s and how to use them

The 3 F’s are the foundation for creating instant connection with your new prospect. Here you’ll see exactly how to use these and recruit more people quickly into your business quickly.


SECRET #10: Text Blitz

Mobile is everything in today’s digital landscape and is much more that just owning a phone. Here you’ll see how I use text messaging to recruit more people FAST into my network marketing business!


SECRET #11: The ART of Promoting

At the end of the day our job as recruiters is to promote events. These events include meetings, conference calls, webinars, etc. It’s how we recruit people into our business. You’ll learn the ONE TINY LITTLE thing I do that causes people to show up and take action. Using this will dramatically BOOST the number of people you recruit into your network marketing business.



This is something that once you really understand and start using, will keep you always in front of fresh new prospects without having to spend money on leads or advertising. Imagine never running out of people to talk with about your opportunity — it’s very cool!


SECRET #13: Dangling The Carrot

One of my highest recruiting days was when I recruited 10 people in one day. This did not happen by accident. Using the method I outline in this module, you’ll discover how to SPEED UP your recruiting.


Brian Carruthers - Top Recruiter Secrets Free Download

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