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Learn The Backdoor Technique That Local Marketers Are Using To Get First Page Rankings Faster And Cheaper Than Traditional SEO!


Are you looking for fast first page results that you can sell for a premium to better clients without having to compete with “standard” SEO companies?

How about the coveted “Map Pack” that gets a huge percentage of clicks and conversions?

Well, so was Bradley and Semantic Mastery!

And that’s what got him started with Press Releases…

You see, not only do you get REAL traffic, authority, and backlinks from these powerful press releases.

You also get amazing organic ranking results.

First page map pack listings. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

But what about doing it twice in a row? How about three times?

Or even better, what if you could have a system that let you dominate with reliable rankings for your local businesses and clients using this backdoor press release system?

Getting reliable results means more higher paying clients.

Get this backdoor method unlocked to generate more reliable revenue from better clients.

If you’re looking for turnkey step by step system that leaves nothing out AND delivers the results you want – look no further – Local PR Pro is for you.


Bradley Benner - Local PR Pro



Unlock The Power Of Press Releases


  • Traffic: How this unique process generates traffic that converts and packs a big SEO punch (hello top of page 1)
  • Process: True Semantic Mastery style – nothing held back, we should you all the nuts and bolts
  • Results: Real world case studies and more showing just how effective these techniques are
  • Stacking: How to use the little known “stacking” method to get better and faster results
  • ​Autopilot: How to get it all done quickly so you can get clients, not headaches from doing it all yourself
  • The Basic PR Stack
  • ​PR Stack For Established Sites
  • ​Advanced PR Techniques
  • ​PR Linking & Powerup Methods
  • ​Twitter & Google Plus Automation Secrets



Here’s What You’ll Get In Local PR Pro


  • The Basic PR Stack
  • ​PR Stack For Established Sites
  • ​Advanced PR Techniques
  • ​PR Linking & Powerup Methods
  • ​Twitter & Google Plus Automation Secrets
  • Overview Of The Entire Process
  • Two Real World Examples
  • Best Solutions / Resources
  • Content Generation Strategies
  • Additional SEO Methods
  • FAQ
  • Bonus Training



Local PR Pro

Course publish year: 2018

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