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Learn 5 Powerful (But Unorthodox) Methods That You Can Use To Get The Attention Of Potential Local Business Clients So That You Can Sell Them Your High Ticket Monthly Services (Without Being Pushy).


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What You’re Getting Inside


  • The full walkthrough of what a “local mind hack” is and how you can use it to get an unfair advantage when selling local services.
  • The psychology behind “local mind hacking”: these are the powerful innate psychological processes that make what we’re doing possible.
  • Hack #1: the coffee card method
  • Hack #2: the emergency contacts technique
  • Hack #3: the cookie candle
  • Hack #4: the annotated printout (aka ben’s workhorse)
  • Hack #5: the newspaper laminate
  • [Platinum Package Only] the local mind hack live immersion with Dr. Ben Adkins (I’ll walk you through everything and answer all of your questions live).
  • [Platinum Package Only] hack #6: the local award technique (a very special local mind hack that takes everything in your local business to the next level).
  • [Platinum Package Only] a month in the life of a local mind hacker (I’ll show you exactly what I do everyday and how i integrate local mind hacking into selling my local services.)
  • [Platinum Package Only] how to mind hack yourself into getting clients (I’ll show you how I trick myself into being productive every week and into actually implementing the mind hacks so that they bring me business). This is the secret to getting out of your own way.



Ben Adkins - Local Mind Hacking Platinum

Course publish year: 2017

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