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Have you ever wondered what successful 6/7 figure entrepreneurs focus on every day, week, and month to keep growing their businesses and on track, organized, and running smoothly?

When you’re getting some traction, the EASIEST way to get to the next level is to get guidance from someone who has been there before you, and already dealt with all the big problems you’re facing today…

What might take you hours of headache, trial and error, and wasted resources might just be solved with one simple piece of advice from someone else who has blazed the path before you. That’s why CEOs have mentors and advisory boards, politicians have their teams, and professional athletes have a range of coaches to go to so they can stay on top of their game consistently, and avoid mistakes as they go.

‘How would you like me in your corner to help you grow your business right the first time?

I’m Arne Giske, and I’ve built a multi 6 figure online business in under 2 years since starting, mostly using social media.

In 2016, I made a TON of mistakes that cost me a fortune in money, time, and opportunities lost – but I also built all the skills and foundation I needed to thrive in 2017 and go from 5 > multi 6 figures rapidly.

Every new stage demanded a new version of me, and when you grow your business the same will happen to you…

As you encounter new challenges, chances are – I’ve run into them or something similar and I can help you through it with less mistakes and save you more time, so you can scale up faster, increase your revenue and profits, and get to the next level in your business.

So time and time again… people keep telling me:


Arne, you should develop an inner circle coaching program to help people do what you do!”


If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that, I’d have a couple hundred bucks!

Here’s the thing, I don’t want a couple hundred bucks. I could develop a coaching program like this, and make $100-200k before the year ends.

But I don’t want $100-$200k from that either…

Call me crazy, but I’m going for 7 figures, and I’ve got a solid plan to hit that without getting a single coaching/done for you client.

The time, effort, resources, and energy I’d need to start & run a coaching program like that at a high level would slow me down.

If I put a fraction of that effort into scaling what’s working for me already right now, it would bring me to 7 figures before 2019.

So which way do you think I’m gonna go?

This type of high level decision making, dedication, and prioritization is what’s required to hit the next level.

I’m building an empire, but I still want to help a lot of people at a higher level without the premium priced coaching and extra deliverables that come with that.
So I came up with another idea, and I think you’ll love to be a part of it…

I went from 0>5 figures in 2016, 5>6 in 2017, and now on the path from 6>7 this year, & I want to uncover the raw and real truth & behind the scenes of scaling an online business rapidly.

The 7 Figure Diaries project will be a look inside my business, challenges, mindset, marketing strategies, organizational development, and more – with no filter.

I’m really excited to be putting this together to show you what really goes on.

I’m not just making posts on fb, getting to speak at events, and sitting on the beach in Mexico. There’s more to it 🙂

I’m building a very real operation with a lot of challenges, wins, and failures along the way, and I’d like to invite you to see what those are on a deeper level and have access to me every month so I can help you through this journey too.


Starting a business is easy.

Getting traction is hard.

Scaling it to new heights is even harder.

The 7 Figure Diaries project will help you see obstacles before they come up and be prepared to beat them fast and keep moving when you do run into them.

The project starts out with a recap on my 2016, how I got from 0>5 figures and the biggest mistakes I made that slowed me down.

Then it uncovers my journey from 5>6 figures in 2017 and how I focused to scale, dominated my niche, and grew my audience to make it 100x easier to hit 6 figures.

Next up, is a live look at what I’m doing every month and week to get out of the 6 figure range and cross the 7 Figure mark before 2019.

All the big moves. All the behind the scenes challenges. All the mindset shifts. All the marketing moves. All the failures – shared in real time. Sounds Interesting huh?

The 7 Figure Diaries includes a monthly live group coaching call, a vlog recapping the month, resources that I used and recommend, and access to my network.



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